What is The Tone Tank?

The Tone Tank is a robotic mic stand designed to give you the flexibility you need to find the best recording tone possible. It comes installed with a standard mounted mic stand adapter and wheel-stabilizer mounted brackets along with a number of other accessories.

What's included in the box?

-The Tone Tank, which includes a standard mounted mic stand adapter and wheel-stabilizer mounted brackets
-1 quick-release mic clip
-Rechargeable tank battery with AC charger/adapter (it lasts around an hour of driving time per charge)
-Radio controller (9V battery included)
-Bag of 6mm Airsoft Battle Bullets

What can the tank do?

Forward (2 levels of speed)
Forward Left and Right
Reverse Left and Right

Turret turns left and right (up to 320 degrees)

Cannon (yes it shoots):
Shoots 6mm Airsoft Battle Bullets (included)
Fires up to 25 meters

How many tanks can run at once?

You can control up to 3 Tone Tanks independently at the same time.

Does noise or interference from The Tone Tank come through in the tracks?

In our many hours of testing The Tone Tank, no interference has ever come through on the tracks. While the motors inside The Tone Tank do make a little noise, when recording drums or amplified guitars it isn't audible. For other instruments, like acoustic guitar and vocals, you may hear a slight noise while you're driving the tank around to find a tone, but it will stop once the tank stops.

What kind of mics will it hold?

We tested it with SM57's, E609's, and TLM-103's. It will fit any standard mic clip threads but different mic sizes and weights will affect The Tone Tank's performance differently. Please do experiment, but you might want to consider trying your mic with The Tone Tank on a softer surface before moving to hard wood or other hard flooring. By the way, The Tone Tank does work on carpet.

And as with any tool in your studio, remember to try different combinations at your own risk.